[nupic-dev] Many-steps prediction

Pedro Tabacof tabacof at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 09:59:14 EDT 2013


I've been working with an energy competition dataset [1] and I've been
experimenting with some different ways to predict many steps ahead (I have
to predict 31 different energy loads for the whole month). This led me to
some questions:

1) Has anyone tried feeding one-step classifier predictions back to the
input? This can be done easily by hand but I'm not sure if this is a good
idea for many steps prediction.

2) Does "disableLearning" also turn off classifier learning? If not, how do
I do it?

3) Is "finishLearning" deprecated? I tried using it but I got an error

4) Is it possible run swarming within the Vagrant VM? What about Cerebro?

On a side note, so far I have achieved 3.3% MAPE on the test data, which
would put me among the top 10 competitors (out of 26), with pretty much the
basic NuPIC configuration, very similar to the hotgym example.

I have experimented with 31-step predictions and 1,2,3,...,31 predictions,
but this was too slow and didn't improve the results. When I finish testing
all my ideas, I will post my results and experience here.


[1] http://neuron.tuke.sk/competition/index.php
Pedro Tabacof,
Unicamp - Eng. de Computação 08.
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